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EBC Voluntarily register Stokes Field Nature Reserve as a Village Green

Elmbridge Borough Council in Surrey has voluntarily registered Stokes Field Nature reserve as a Village Green.


This is fantastic news! Firstly, it means that Elmbridge Borough Council will now not attend or object at Public Inquiry, leaving the Save HWLD Green Belt team to face One Tree Hill land owner, developer Taylor Wimpey. Secondly, Elmbridge's voluntary registration of Village Green shows that they too believe in the value and benefit of permanent protection of our green open recreational spaces.

The total area outlined in green and yellow shows the proposed Village Green. The area with a green border has been voluntarily offered by Elmbridge Borough Council as a Village Green. The area with a yellow border is the subject of the Public Inquiry. Our application for a Village Green v Taylor Wimpey in opposition.

More information about EBC’s Village Green voluntary designation is available here.

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