How will the Fight Fund money be used?

For payment of legal fees and to pay for fundraising activity. We have engaged a Barrister already, to represent us in our Village Green application.

What will happen to unspent money, when funding is no longer required?

Any unspent money will be distributed to benefit local community causes in Long Ditton and Hinchley Wood.

Will any members of the Save HWLD Green Belt team benefit financially?

No. All members of the team give their time for free.

Will contributors’ names be published?

No, all donations will be treated as confidential and anonymous.

Is the bank account officially recognised?

The Save HWLD Green Belt team have established a community bank account with HSBC. A constitution was submitted and four team members were vetted and validated by HSBC bank. We are in the process of appointing an auditor.

Who are the Save HWLD Green Belt team?

The ‘Save HWLD Green Belt’ team (formerly the HWLD Action Group) are a group of residents from Long Ditton and Hinchley Wood, who are passionate about maintaining and protecting our valuable Green Belt land and community spaces. We are not militant activists – we are educated professionals and we support the provision of more housing, in a responsible and sensitive way, for the wellbeing of current and future generations.

Keep in touch...

You can keep up to date with all our news on Facebook, or to contact us, email hwldactiongroup@gmail.com or fill in the contact form.

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