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  • SECTION: We think the emerging key issues and challenges facing Elmbridge are:
    Q1. Are these key issues the right ones or are there any key issues that you think have been missed? We suggest adding: - Protecting our existing Green Belt land, whilst balancing need for housing and growth. - Protecting the character and setting of villages. - Providing appropriate/adaptable housing for all groups including the elderly and disabled.
  • SECTION: Forming a shared vision of Elmbridge in 2036.
    Q2. Do you agree with these ambitions? Is there anything else our vision should be aiming for? We suggest that in addition the vision should be aiming for: - A green and leafy borough, with distinctive green open spaces & woodland. - Protect the Borough from Greater London sprawl by maintaining its existing Green Belt. - Maintain the rural/semi-rural character, and retain the distinct identity of individual towns and villages, whilst providing for appropriate growth in a sustainable manner.
  • SECTION: Key objectives for the Local Plan.
    Q3. Are the objectives the right ones? Are there any objectives that you think we have missed? We suggest adding: - To protect the existing Green Belt and plan positively for its community use. - To conserve the rural/ historic character of the borough. - To balance growth with environmental protection and preservation.
  • SECTION: Three key themes. Theme 1 – Protecting and enhancing our natural environment
    Q4. Do you agree with the proposed policy directions? We suggest ‘Yes’. Q5. Do you have any other comments (for example, other issues or directions we should consider? We suggest: - Developers/ applicants to incorporate appropriate climate change prevention measures in designs and materials used. - High sustainable construction standards should apply to all development whether new or through retrofitting redevelopment. - Strategic policies need to set out what is required to deal with impacts from climate change. - At the design stage, eco-friendly approaches need to specified. - Protect our existing Green Belt, plan positively to enhance its beneficial use, and work with land owners to open up access to Green Belt land. - Green Belt should be viewed as ‘Green Infrastructure’, not just against its policy purpose. - Revitalise any green space or Green Belt land which has deteriorated. - Plan for future eco-friendly initiatives across the Borough, working with developers and infrastructure providers (e.g. new homes to have electric car charging points, public & private car park recharging points etc.) - Actively increase air quality, improve overall quality and accessibility to green space for informal and formal recreation.
  • SECTION: Three key themes. Theme 2 – Growing a prosperous economy
    Q6. Do you agree with the proposed policy directions? We suggest ‘Yes’ Q7. Do you have any other comments (for example, other issues or directions we should consider?) - Balance the use land for housing with that of business development & growth. - Seize opportunities to mix housing and business development, (e.g. flats over shops). - Encourage and attract businesses which suit Elmbridge and complement its strategic vision.
  • SECTION: Three key themes. Theme 3 – Ensuring health and well-being for all
    Q8. Do you agree with the proposed policy directions? We suggest ‘Yes’ Q9. Do you have any other comments (for example, other issues or directions we should consider?) We suggest: - Significant development does not receive planning permission, until corresponding infrastructure planning permission is submitted. No supporting infrastructure provision, no development permission. (e.g. schools, surgeries, shops, etc…) - Ensuring access to public transport is factored into design and planning for significant developments. - When considering development, think of pedestrian & cycle access, plan for footpaths and shortcuts.
  • Q10-Q12
    Q10. As this consultation is the last of the early engagement on the Local Plan, do you have any further comments to make on this consultation or any of the previous consultations to date? - Listen to the message of overwhelming support to protect both the existing Green Belt land, and the character of Elmbridge’s towns and villages. - Do not declassify Green Belt land and use a diluted label of ‘Local Green Space’. Green Belt is Green Belt, especially important legal protection for a Borough bordering Greater London. - Elmbridge has declared a Climate Emergency, so sacrificing green spaces, Green Belt land and woodland for housing development would be counterproductive. - Development of all strategies and policies should be in Q11. – Self explanatory Q12. – Self explanatory
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